603 horsepower in the Porsche Macan EV

The Porsche Macan EV will be the first Porsche to be built on the new PPE platform.

The top version will be four-wheel drive and pack 603 horsepower.

The upcoming electric car also gets a clever solution as the battery can be “split up” and charged in parallel.

In 2024, the fully electric version of the Porsche Macan will be launched.

Earlier this summer, Bybil’s car spy managed to capture it on picture when it was tested in the Alps . Since then, it has been relatively quiet about the Porsche Macan EV. Until now.

During a press event at one of Porsche’s “experience centers” in Franciacorta, Italy, the other day several neat details about the car, which Porsche themselves believe will be “the sportiest car in its segment”, were presented.

Can “split” the battery

The car will be the first from Porsche to be built on the new platform Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which has been developed together with Audi (previously it has been made known that the Audi A6 e-tron is also based on PPE ).

As in the Taycan, the PPE has an 800-volt architecture but charging should be faster than the peak of 270 kW. According to Porsche, it should take about 25 minutes to charge the battery from five to 80 percent and the battery itself has a capacity of 100 kWh and consists of twelve modules.

An unusual but flexible solution is also offered here. The Macan EV can, with a trick called “bank charging”, split the battery into two 400-volt batteries that can be charged simultaneously. In other words, it should be faster to charge at 400-volt chargers as well.

Total output of 450 kW

The new platform provides support for both rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions of the Macan EV. The top version gets four-wheel drive and with its two engines has an output of 450 kW, corresponding to 603 horsepower. The power will be distributed between the front and rear axles 48/52 and according to Porsche it should improve mobility when accelerating out of corners.

More information about the upcoming Porsche Macan EV will come next year, and the launch is thus planned for 2024.

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