Here is the new Toyota Prius

But if the plug-in hybrid is a bit shyer than its predecessor in terms of design, stronger confidence is found elsewhere:

It delivers a total of 223 horsepower and the electric range should increase by 50 percent.

The night of Wednesday saw the premiere of the fifth generation of the Toyota Prius , with a European premiere to follow on December 5. The legacy, which stretches back to 1997, now continues with “the most efficient Prius model ever”, according to the Japanese themselves.

On the European market, the new Toyota Prius comes exclusively as a plug-in hybrid. It is built on the second-generation TNGAC platform and has a lithium battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh. The goal from Toyota is that most everyday journeys can be made on electric power and according to the press release, the range is 50 percent longer than the current generation of Prius. However, no exact figures have been specified yet.

Delivers 233 horsepower

But more precise numbers are found in the engines – and here it approaches significantly more power.

The new 2.0 petrol engine produces 148 horsepower (111kW) and the electric motor 160 horsepower (120kW). Together, they deliver a total of 223 horsepower (164 kW). This compares with 122 horsepower in the current plug-in version.

How quickly the new Prius will do 0-100 km/h is not yet clear.

A new design

In terms of design, there are several departures from previously established paths. Previously unnecessary shapes and lines have been cut to make the new Prius look more sporty and restrained. The new Prius measures 50 millimeters longer between the wheel axles and is 22 millimeters wider. But at the same time, it is 46 millimeters shorter in length and 50 millimeters lower in height than the current generation.

Inside, a digital instrument cluster with a seven-inch screen is found in front of the driver. The interior in general can be described as more discreet than before. Production for the new Toyota Prius will begin in December and deliveries to Europe are planned for the beginning of next year. There are no Swedish prices yet.

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