Rimac Nevera breaks a new world record

That’s the new top speed record for an electric car set by the Croatian super sports car Rimac Nevera.

– It is an emotional experience for me, says Miroslav Zrnčević, who was behind the wheel.

Bytbil has previously reported on the Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac and its monster car Nevera. Among other things, Rimac Nemera outclassed a Ferrari SF90 Stradale last summer when they were both pitted against each other in a drag race.

Since then, the Rimera has been able to boast the record as the fastest production electric car to run the English quarter mile (402 meters) in 8.582 seconds. And now the Croatians have also broken the top speed record and can thereby claim to be the world’s fastest series-produced electric car (see in the video player above).

Named after a storm

The drive took place at Automotive Testing Papenburg in Germany and the new record is 412 km/h (256 mph).

– I have driven the Nevera since its wheels started rolling. It’s really an emotional experience for me, says Miroslav Zrnčević, test manager and development driver at Rimac, who was behind the wheel when the world record was broken.

The name itself, Nemera, comes from a weather phenomenon. This is what the Croatians call the sudden storms that can occur in the Mediterranean off the coast of Croatia in the summers.

1,914 horsepower

The Rimac Nevera has 1,914 horsepower, 2,360 Nm of torque and weighs 2,150 kilograms. It also has a rather juicy price tag of over SEK 20 million.

Worth noting is that the customers who buy a Rimac Nevera on their own will not be able to reach these world record speeds. Namely, it has a top speed limit of 352 km/h which can only be removed at “special customer events with support from the Rimac team under controlled conditions”.

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