The Toyota Corolla Cross is the family car of the year 2022

Skoda had won the award two years in a row.

But now the electric hybrid Toyota Corolla Cross can claim the title of “Family Car of the Year” in 2022.

The jury of the newspaper Motorförarens also cast their votes on a Volkswagen and a Kia from the past year.

Since 1996, the magazine Motorföraren, from the Motorförarna sobriety association (MHF), has awarded the Family Car of the Year award. The jury consists of some of Sweden’s leading motor journalists and they agreed, with a margin of three votes, that the electric hybrid Toyota Corolla Cross deserved to be the winner in 2022.

The criteria are that the car must be practical, economical, safe, have good environmental performance and, last but not least, it must have gone on sale during the year.

The Corolla Cross crushed all these criteria and the jury’s reasoning was:

“Toyota has numerous long stretches of involvement in crossover innovation and presently in its fifth era, further specialized advances are being taken forward for the people who need to drive a vehicle and lack the opportunity to charge with electricity. The Toyota Corolla Cross is thus a flexible SUV that will be an attractive choice for many families. The jury particularly emphasized proven hybrid technology, good standard equipment and a pleasant driving experience.”

Electric cars in second and third place

Christian Hallin, information manager at Toyota Sweden, is happy about the news.

– We are very proud that our electric hybrid Corolla Cross has been awarded Family Car of the Year. This is a fine testament to Toyota’s philosophy of constantly developing all our different technologies through kaizen (continuous improvement). But also that a diversity of powertrains is required to meet the different needs of our customers, he says in a press release.

Two electric cars are found in second and third place.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz takes second place with its two votes.

And with a vote from the jury, it will be the Kia EV6 that comes in third place as “family car of the year”.

The jury consists of: Mikael Stjerna (Teknikens Värld), Robert Collin (Aftonbladet), Jan-Erik Berggren (Expressen), Johannes Gardelöf (Bilnyhetsbyrån CNP), Alrik Söderlind (Auto Motor & Sport), Anders Helgesson (Vi Bilägare), Stefan Nilsson (Motor journalist), Mia Litström (Cars and Watches for Ladies) and Mikael Lindberg (The motor driver).

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