Toyota’s new electric car concept: bZ Compact SUV

With a clean exterior, seats in plant-based materials and a folded center fender, the Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept gives a hint of what their future will look like.

The Los Angeles Auto Show certainly kicks off tomorrow, Friday. But even now a foretaste is being given of what our transatlantic car friends will get to see up close from Toyota. It’s about the Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept. The concept car provides a glimpse into the future of the Japanese beyond Zero (bZ) series, whose goal is to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

This compact electric SUV is a stylish story with a clear futuristic touch. The location of the wheels in the corners should give the impression that the car is moving even if it is stationary. Because it is built on a purely electric car platform, it is given an extra spacious interior – which also offers surprises. Because surely it’s hard not to stop at the folded center screen?

Seats in plant-based material

Toyota themselves choose not to talk about that screen. Instead, more emphasis is placed on emphasizing how the design team focused on the use of sustainable materials, where the seats, for example, have been made from plant-based and recycled materials.

Speaking of talking, there is a new assistance system based on sound and light signals. The concept car must be able to respond to commands and requests from people in both the front and back seats. We are not offered much more than that at the moment. More information on the Toyota bZ Compact Suv will come later in December.

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