Exclusive Porsche in fantastic condition

It is only one of 500 examples that were produced. It is a more exclusive version of the Porsche 911 turbo, and it has only been driven just under 50 miles in five years. As you know, the Porsche 911 is a very popular sports car, and how about owning a more exclusive version of … Read more

Mercedes A- and B-Class get a facelift

Mercedes has presented a facelift, not only on the A-class, but also the Mercedes B-class. They get mixed updates, but also increased power. After 20225, according to information, the Mercedes A-class and B-class will no longer be offered to customers. In July, the former was caught on picture when the prototype was out testing on … Read more

German sports car manufacturer most valuable brand in Europe

They went public last week. Now Porsche has taken over Volkswagen as Europe’s most valuable car manufacturer. Last week, the German car manufacturer Porsche went public. The introduction has gone well. So good that Porsche has taken over the position as Europe’s most valuable car manufacturer, Reuters reports. They took over the position from group … Read more

Unique tuned Lamborghini monster

It was Lamborghini’s first SUV. It’s a Lamborghini Urus that has received a Mansory treatment. Now it can be yours. At Bilfirman i Nybro AB there is a Lamborghini Urus by Mansory. It is a 2021 model year and has driven 3,900 miles. Under the hood is a four-liter V8 engine that basically generates 650 … Read more

Now Nio is being launched in Sweden

Now the Chinese car manufacturer Nio has confirmed that it is starting to sell its cars in Sweden. First up is the Nio ET7 and is followed by two other models. This summer, the Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio confirmed that it would enter a number of European markets, including Sweden. However, they did not … Read more

Unique Volvo prototype in fantastic condition

It is one of five remaining test cars/prototypes of the Volvo 145. In 2016 the car was completely renovated and is in top condition. The car is now being sold at a Swedish auction. During Bilweb Auction’s first event in October, a total of 45 vehicles will be sold to the highest bidder. One of … Read more

Tuned classic Chevrolet

It is the most famous model from Chevrolet. It is a 2007 Corvette that has been heavily tuned and modified. Now it can be yours. At Bucketlist Cars AB there is a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 . It is a 2007 model year and has driven 8,203 miles. Under the hood is a seven-liter V8 engine … Read more

Classic BMW M5 in good condition

This particular BMW M5 is from 1990 and has a straight six that generates 315 horsepower. Now it can be yours. At MH Bilcity there is a BMW M5 . It is a 1990 model year, has driven 18,310 miles and is currently one of the most clicked cars on Bytbil. Under the hood is … Read more