Bugatti Chiron Sport on the Block

Do you want to do 0-200 km/h in 6.5 seconds and be able to continue accelerating to 420 km/h?

And do you have SEK 45 million to spare?

In that case, maybe you should check out this unique Bugatti Chiron Sport that is up on the Block.

It’s not every day that a Bugatti ad appears on Blocket. Even more unusual is that a Bugatti Chiron Sport does it.

But that is the case here. At Daytona Automobil in Västerås, this worst thing with model year 2019 is for sale.

The Chiron Sport is, as the name suggests, precisely a sportier version of the regular Bugatti Chiron (which is the successor to the Veyron). It differs slightly from the standard version as it has different chassis settings that improve the driving characteristics and that it is 18 kilos lighter. As it says in the ad, this has been done, among other things, by the windscreen wipers being made of carbon fibre, which reduces the weight by 1.4 kilos. It also has different rims and rear window compared to the standard version.

Under the hood hums a W16 engine of 8.0 liters that produces 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm. As written above, the car does 0-200 km/h in 6.5 seconds and the top speed is somewhere around 420 km/h.

According to Daytona Automobil, any interested parties need to get in touch to book a viewing, as the car in question is not in their hall.

The price for this Bugatti Chiron Sport, which according to the manufacturer itself is the ultimate super sports car, is SEK 45 million. In other words, the price has increased by SEK 11 million, as the new price is SEK 34 million. That’s not a bad increase in value per mile since, according to the ad, this Bugatti has only driven 13 miles.

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