Hamilton’s bus driving of a rented Nissan GT-R stirs opinion

When F1 star Lewis Hamilton rented a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R in Japan, he didn’t hold back immediately.

He played so much in it that the smoke rose from both the tires and the gear lever.

A video of the incident, which he himself published, is both praised and seen. But above all, the car rental company itself doesn’t seem very happy.

If you haven’t seen the clip of Lewis Hamilton busking a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R in Japan yet, you’ve missed something. Last week, the F1 star posted a clip on his Instagram where he plays so much in the Japanese car that it not only smokes from the tires, but also from the gear lever.

The video has been met with many praises on social media. Fans find it fun to see one of the world’s best drivers simply let off the brakes and laugh his way through smoking donuts.

But the car rental company that rented the car seems to have a different opinion.

“Strictly Prohibited”

The car site Carbuzz has been in contact with Omoshiro Rent-A-Car, which confirms that the car was rented by Hamilton or his representatives in connection with the Grand Prix in Japan.

In a Twitter post, the company commented on Hamilton’s driving of the car.

“Such driving is strictly prohibited,” they write, among other things.

To Carbuzz, the company says that it has received directives from its lawyers not to reveal more information about the incident.

It is unclear whether Lewis Hamilton’s handling of the car has resulted in any injuries.

Over 16,000 comments

On Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram, the whole thing is commented on. Over 16,000 comments actually at the time of writing, which is clearly more than the average for his posts.

As usual when it comes to comments on social media, there are wildly scattered opinions, and you usually have to take them with a pinch of salt or two.

Some believe that he behaved badly by treating a rental car in this way and that many Japanese are allegedly disappointed with him.

But the majority seem to appreciate the move and claim, among other things, that the car’s value, despite any blemishes after driving, has probably only increased because it has been driven by Lewis Hamilton himself.

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