Here is the Volvo EX90: “A new era”

A seven-seater all-electric SUV that puts safety first.

The Volvo EX90, the car that will replace the XC90, is here.

And it can be ordered now – for over one million kroner.

A press gathering from all over the world had gathered in Kungsträdgården – and just over 20,000 people had gathered on YouTube for the unveiling of the Volvo EX90 on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately for the Volvos, it was not a flawless start as the sound from the musical act was not heard.

But in the end, the tunes from Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” rang out – and there were no more stops during the presentation of Volvo’s new flagship.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo, disagreed.

– This is not just the launch of a new Volvo, but of a new era.

Safety first

The Volvo EX90 is a seven-seat all-electric SUV with, according to its own statement, a higher level of safety than in any other Volvo. As Bytbil has reported before, it has an invisible security shield made possible by a sensing technology both externally and internally. These are sensors such as cameras, radar and lidar that are connected to the car’s core computer where Nvidia Drive runs Volvo’s proprietary software that creates a 360-degree view of the world in real time. The car’s lidar must be able to see objects several hundred meters away.

Even inside the car, special sensors and cameras sense the concentration in the driver’s gaze through proprietary algorithms. Through a slight resistance in the steering wheel, the car should be able to warn the driver in an initial position, and then with increased force. And should the driver fall asleep or become ill while driving, well, the EX90 is designed to stop safely at the side of the road – and call for help.

0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds

The EX90 is the first model built from the ground up on Volvo’s brand new SPA2 electric car platform and is presented with two different driveline options. Both are four-wheel drive with two electric motors for front and rear wheel drive.

The entry-level version, which is the initially available version, is called the EX90 Twin motor. It is inside with 300 kW (408 hp) and 770 newton meters. This edition does 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Twin Motor Performance is the top option and here is the total power of 380 kW (517 hp) and 910 newton meters at maximum torque. It is one second faster from 0 to 100 km/h (4.9 seconds). Both versions are limited to a top speed of 180 km/h.

Range up to 60 miles

The battery pack is 111 kWh gross and 107 kWh net, just like in the Polestar 3. According to Volvo, you should be able to drive up to 60 miles on one charge, according to WLTP. The car is charged from 10 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes if it is fast charged with a maximum output of 250 kW.

The Volvo EX90 also has two-way charging (V2G) and can, for example, be used as a power source for the home or charge another electric car.

A lot is also printed on recycled material. In numbers, we are talking about 15 percent recycled steel, 25 percent recycled aluminum and 48 kilograms of recycled plastic and bio-based materials, which should correspond to approximately 15 percent of the plastic used in the car.

The price: Over 1 million

It is a substantial car in terms of size. With its over five meters in length (503.7 cm), it is about a decimeter longer than the XC90. The width measures 197.4 cm and the height is 174.7 cm. In total, it weighs 2.8 tons.

Sales of the Volvo EX90 start with immediate effect, today, November 9. In Sweden, the car will cost from SEK 1,085,000 – or SEK 14,995 per month for a subscription, which includes service, maintenance, insurance and more.

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