More powerful electric Mercedes are not allowed in Europe

For approximately 12,000 kroner a year, North Americans should get 20 to 24 percent more power out of their electric Mercedes cars.

But in Europe, those extra horsepower don’t look like they’ll be available.

A Dutch representative for Mercedes believes that it is a legal issue.

More and more car manufacturers are considering various optional technical functions in rental subscriptions.

In North America, Mercedes will soon offer a form of “acceleration boost” in its EQ program. Customers in the USA and Canada will receive a power increase in their electric cars for just over SEK 12,000 a year.

In round throws, it is about 20 to 24 percent more power. A Mercedes EQE 350 4Matic, for example, would go from 292 horsepower to 350. The sprint from 0-100 km/h would be cut by just over a second in most models.

“Relates to USA and Canada only”

However, it doesn’t look like this service is coming to Europe.

It is not available in the UK or Europe at the moment, a UK Mercedes representative tells Carscoops.

There has been speculation as to what could be the reason why the European market is not allowed to take part in this power subscription. According to Top Gear, it depends on the law.

A Dutch representative from Mercedes has reportedly informed Top Gear that the subscription is not currently available in Europe due to “legal issues”.

It remains to be seen if these legal issues will be resolved in the future or if Mercedes will simply settle for the North American market.

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