Raging at parking attendant who wrote “Chinese trash” on the note

When the 60-year-old woman came out to her wrongly parked moped car in Karlshamn, there was a yellow fine sticker on the windshield.

But in the field where the registration number should normally appear, the parking attendant had instead filled in “Chinese rubbish”.

– Mother was very sad and it’s not fun when you’ve just bought a new vehicle. Regardless of whether the parking attendant thinks the car is “Chinese junk”, he must not write it, says the woman’s daughter to Blekinge Läns Tidning.

The somewhat strange incident occurred in early October.

A 60-year-old woman had then parked her moped in a turning zone in central Karlshamn when she was going to unload the vehicle. When she later returned to the car, there was a yellow parking fine sticker on the windshield.

It was not about a fine. The parking attendant had used the ticket to inform her that it was wrongly parked and had crossed out the OCR number. However, on the same piece of paper, he had noted “China junk” in the field where the registration number should normally appear.

Blekinge Läns Tidning, which was the first to report on the news, writes that the car owner was very upset by the parking attendant’s actions. She had bought her moped just two days earlier and was happy with her purchase. She considers it insulting that the parking attendant then called it “Chinese trash”.

The newspaper has spoken to the woman’s daughter, who herself has worked as a parking attendant in another city. She believes that the behavior is “not okay”, in several different ways.

The offensive comment is part of it, but she also questions why a fine should be used to inform about the wrong parking. The OCR number had thus been crossed out, but the fine amount of SEK 500 was still there further down on the note.

– If the OCR number had remained, mother would have paid the amount. It is written completely wrong. If I had done that as a parking attendant, I would have gotten a lot of shit, says the daughter to BLT.

Alessandro Orefice, street and traffic officer at Karlshamn municipality, has said in retrospect that the municipality takes the incident seriously and that the incident should be discussed with Securitas, who manages parking surveillance in the municipality.

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