Rechargeable cars dominated October

For the second month in a row, electric cars accounted for more new registrations than petrol and diesel cars combined.

The number of new electric cars has now increased by 57 percent compared to last year, and rechargeable cars make up almost eight percent of the Swedish passenger car fleet.

And the best-selling electric car in October? Volvo XC40 – in superior style.

Industry organization Mobility Sweden’s statistics for newly registered cars during October stand out.

22,383 new passenger cars were registered, which is about twelve percent more than the same month last year. In addition, it breaks the trend for 2022, when passenger car registrations have generally decreased by ten percent.

One part that has been consistent, however, is the progress of rechargeable cars in Sweden. These electric cars and plug-in hybrids have accounted for just over half of all new registrations this year, and in October that figure increased to just over 59 percent.

If you again compare with last year’s statistics, the number of new electric cars has increased by 57 percent this year.

– In order for electrification and the green transition to continue, the new government must give the industry and consumers long-term control instruments similar to Bonus-malus. The charging infrastructure also needs to be greatly expanded, says Sofia Linder, Chief Economist at Mobility Sweden, in a press release.

Volvo dominance

Among the electric cars, there was a new winner in October.

After the Volkswagen ID.4 was the most registered electric car for three consecutive months, the Volvo XC40 instead became the best-selling electric car in October. And that in superior style. A total of 1,127 XC40s were registered, compared to 618 ID.4s. Third on the list of electric cars in October was the Kia Niro EV with 463 registrations.

Among the plug-in hybrids, Volvo also came out on top. 1,227 XC60s were registered. Second and third on the list were Volvo S/V60 and Kia Sportage with 366 and 323 registrations respectively.

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