Reworked Tesla Model 3 should be on the way

Tesla will begin production of a redesigned version of the Model 3 at the end of next year.

This is reported by the Reuters news agency, which has spoken to four Tesla employees with good transparency.

The goal is to cut production costs and increase the attractiveness of the model.

In the summer of 2017, deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 began. It is a common electric car on Swedish roads and the tenth most newly registered electric car in the country in 2022, according to Mobility Sweden.

During the five years that the model has been available, there have been some minor updates, both interior and exterior. Among other things, sound-insulated windows have been added and chrome strips have been removed.

But now it seems a redesigned Tesla Model 3 is on the way, with several changes in store. At least if Reuters and the four Tesla employees they spoke to are to be believed.

Less complex

According to these sources, the new version, which goes by the code name “Highland”, should have fewer components in the interior to make the car less complex. Instead, it should focus more on the features that Tesla owners appreciate; including the display.

The exterior and powertrain may also undergo changes, but that is unclear at the time of writing.

Regardless, the goal is to cut the production cost of the Model 3 while making it more attractive.

Production will start next year

The new version of the Tesla Model 3 will, according to the sources, be put into production in the third quarter of next year.

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