The price of electric cars continues to rise

The price of electric cars on Blocket plummeted in October.

In just one month, the price has dropped by ten percent.

– Still high electricity prices and political proposals for reduced taxes on petrol and diesel mean that many now see the electric car as a less attractive choice compared to other fuel types, says Marcin Stepman, vehicle expert at Blocket, in a press release.

Since August, there has been a negative trend in the electric car market, as the median price has fallen by 17.8 percent since then.

Even in October, the decline continued, with a full ten percent. Now an electric car on Blocket costs SEK 440,000 compared to SEK 489,000 in September (the prices refer to used cars that have driven between 1,000 and 14,999 miles with registration years 2012-2021).

The number of ad impressions has also dropped for electric cars. During October, gasoline cars had 58 percent more ad impressions per day than electric cars.

Earlier this summer, however, the situation was different.

– In June, the number of ad impressions was at the same level for electric cars and petrol cars, but since then we have seen that interest in electric cars has cooled, says Marcin Stepman in a press release.

The median price of gasoline cars in particular has also fallen, but only by two percent. The same figure applies to diesel cars, while the median price of hybrids has fallen by 1.6 percent.

LIST: The cars that sold best among private individuals in October

Volvo V70, median price SEK 27,000
Volkswagen Golf, median price, SEK 30,000
BMW 3 series, median price SEK 55,000
Volkswagen Passat, median price SEK 37,000
Saab 9-3, median price SEK 19,500
Audi A4, median price SEK 54,000
BMW 5 series, median price SEK 67,750
Saab 9-5, median price SEK 15,000
Volvo V50, median price SEK 26,500
Ford Focus, median price SEK 19,000

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