The twist: No Rolls-Royce for the WC heroes

Saudi Arabia produced one of the biggest upsets in FIFA World Cup history when they beat Argentina.

After the victory, it was reported that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would reward all 26 players with a Rolls-Royce Phantom each.

But this “viral friendly” story appears to have been a lie.

There has certainly been a lot of chatter in the football World Cup.

In purely sporting terms, Saudi Arabia’s shock win over Argentina with 2-1 has become one of the biggest. Not least when the story got a luxurious sprinkle.

In recent days, it has been well reported about Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s alleged reward to the players. It has been said that he promised all the players in the Saudi national team a Rolls-Royce Phantom each after their feat.

Had cost at least 120 million

After all, these expenses had not affected any poor people directly. But it is of course huge sums required to buy 26 Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

If we start from a basic version, the price tag is around SEK 4.7 million. Multiply this by the number of players in the squad and it would have meant a total of just over SEK 120 million.

“A serious federation”

But now this information is denied by Saudi Arabia’s national team captain Herve Renard.

– There is no truth in this. We have a very serious federation and sports minister and it is not the right time to get anything right now, he says at a press conference according to the Daily Mail.

He means that there are more matches to play in the championship and that the team’s ambition is to progress from the group stage.

It remains to be seen whether Saudi Arabia will succeed in that mission – and perhaps be rewarded in the end after all. Because it wouldn’t be the first time anyway. Well?

After the 1994 World Cup, it is widely known (although the claim is unconfirmed) that Saudi Arabia’s Saeed Al-Owairan actually received a Rolls-Royce after his goal against Belgium.

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