Here is the most popular car color

The Swedish Transport Agency has revealed which is the most popular car color among the Swedish people. The trend is clear – the number of colorful cars is decreasing, and the neutral colors are increasing.

The color of one’s car can be part of one’s identity, or it may just be a color. But what is actually the most common color of the country’s passenger cars?

The Swedish Transport Agency has shown statistics on which car colors are the most popular, and which are not as common. In total, data from 6.3 million passenger cars in Sweden has been collected. All in all, there are 24 different color choices in the register. The most popular color was perhaps not so unexpectedly white. There are over 1.1 million white cars in the road traffic register, which corresponds to 17.8 percent of the total.

“Colorful” car colors are decreasing

Black and gray were the second and third most popular car colors. However, purple was the most unusual color. Only one in six hundred cars has that color. Dark brown or light yellow are not popular colors either.

The color that has declined the most between 2019 and 2022 is dark green. There is also another trend that is decreasing, namely that colorful cars are decreasing and cars with more neutral colors such as white, black and gray are increasing. There is one exception, and that is orange. The number of cars with that color has increased by 16.7 percent since 2019.

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