Now Nio is being launched in Sweden

Now the Chinese car manufacturer Nio has confirmed that it is starting to sell its cars in Sweden. First up is the Nio ET7 and is followed by two other models.

This summer, the Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio confirmed that it would enter a number of European markets, including Sweden. However, they did not want to confirm any models or any exact date for the launch. At an event in Berlin, the Chinese manufacturer launched three car models and it is also the start of sales in our long country.

The first model to be launched is their flagship model – the Nio ET7 . The ET7 is 510.1 cm long and has a front-mounted 180 kW motor, while the rear induction motor is 300 kW. The system output is 480 kW and 850 Nm. It can now be ordered and deliveries to Swedish customers are planned for February next year. The other two models are the Nio EL7 and ET5. Deliveries for the Nio ET5 are scheduled to reach Swedish customers in April next year.

Based on the Nios NT2 platform

Contemporary models are based on the Nios NT2 platform and are equipped with the Benyan system. It is equipped with a range of different functions, such as cockpit functions, energy management and assisted driving. They also feature the Aquila Super Sensing System security system, which consists of 33 hardware units, including a long-range lidar, seven eight-megapixel high-resolution cameras, wave radar, ultrasonic sensors and V2X vehicle-road interaction units.

At the same time, Nio will expand its battery exchange network, Power Swap Stations. 20 new stations are to be built in Europe and be ready by the end of the year. By the end of next year, there should be 120. The first station in Sweden has begun to be built in Varberg.

At the same time as the start of sales in Sweden, NIO Subscription is also launched where users can choose between terms from one month to 96 months. All subscription offers include 1,500 free miles per year, all service, full insurance, home delivery and winter wheels. There is also traditional leasing.

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