Renault presents electric Renault 4

The immensely popular Renault 4 model has finally been revived, but as an electric car.

The motor show in Paris is in full swing and of course the French car manufacturer Renault has a couple of news. Last year it was reported that the Renault 4 would be revived as an electric car . Now it has been officially shown for the first time, albeit in prototype form.

Over eight million copies in over 100 countries of the Renault 4 have been sold and production ended 30 years ago. Now the 4EVER Trophy show car has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. It is the second model after the Renault 5 to get an electric restart. The car is 416 centimeters long, 195 wide and 190 high. The wheelbase is 257 centimeters.

Based on the CMF-BEV platform

The Renault 4EVER Trophy flirts with the original, but in a modern vintage. The design has clear stylistic ties to the 4L, such as the silhouette with the prominent bonnet, bumper and angled rear. However, it now has round and built-in lights with Matrix LED lights instead.

At the same time, the appearance should attract adventure through a buggy-like feeling. The hollow hood has a huge air outlet that should improve the efficiency of the radiator. The spare tire is placed on the carbon fiber roof. There’s also a shovel and grip mats on the upper part of the tailgate so it’s ready for more desert-related situations.

Although it is a show car, it paves the way for the future all-electric B-segment SUV. It will also be based on the CMF-BEV platform, the same as the modern interpretation of the Renault 5 . The market positioning for the future Renault 4 and 5 will be similar to Renault Clio and Renault Captur . They will also be manufactured in France.

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