Unique Volvo prototype in fantastic condition

It is one of five remaining test cars/prototypes of the Volvo 145. In 2016 the car was completely renovated and is in top condition. The car is now being sold at a Swedish auction.

During Bilweb Auction’s first event in October, a total of 45 vehicles will be sold to the highest bidder. One of the cars that will go under the hammer is a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Coupé , model year 1970. Another car that is being sold is a pre-series Volvo 145 – Volvo 145 Sport T28 B18B from 1968.

Before Volvo started manufacturing the 145, they did various time studies on the new assembly line. It resulted in 30 prototypes out of 145, all with chassis numbers and bodywork: T1-T30. The majority were used for crash and strength tests. Only a couple were released to subcontractors to Volvo .

This particular specimen was sent to Bahco for engine and fuel heater testing. When the tests were completed in 1972, it was probably used as a company car until 1978. In connection with advertising for sale, the engine was replaced with a factory-new B18B. The car was bought and changed hands in 1991. The new owner, a man from Jönköping, used the car then as now as a utility vehicle. The car was retired in 2001 and has not been used since then. In 2016, the then owner and buyer met at a vintage car meet and started talking about the car. The Volvo ended up changing owners the following weekend.

During the autumn/winter of 2017, the car underwent a complete renovation. The rust that was on the car was fixed, while the front plate and fenders were replaced with original plates from Volvo. Today, there are only five test cars left. According to the auction company, every detail of the car is refurbished and completely flawless. This also applies to the interior.

Shaun Major and Rebecca R Bengtsson at Bilweb Auctions: “The car will be a sought after item by Volvo enthusiasts and collectors as it is in absolute top condition and has been owned by Sweden’s most reputable 140 restorer. The car is best described as better than new condition.”

According to Bilweb Auctions, the car is valued at between SEK 330,000 and 400,000. At the time of writing, the leading bid is up to SEK 230,000.

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