Are you an avid cyclist looking for a high-performance road bike that combines speed, agility, and comfort? Look no further than the Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022). In this expert review, we will delve into the details of this remarkable bicycle, exploring its design, components, performance, and more. Get ready to experience a thrilling ride with the Merida Scultura Rim 400.


The Merida Scultura Rim 400 is a cutting-edge road bike designed for riders who demand excellence in every aspect of their cycling experience. This bike is a true embodiment of Merida’s commitment to quality, innovation, and precision engineering. Whether you’re a competitive racer or a passionate enthusiast, the Scultura Rim 400 is engineered to deliver optimal performance and an unforgettable riding experience.

Overview of the Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022)

The Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022) is built on a foundation of lightweight construction, aerodynamics, and exceptional handling. It boasts a meticulously crafted carbon frame and fork, offering the perfect balance between stiffness and compliance. With its aggressive geometry and wind-cheating design, the Scultura Rim 400 is a formidable companion on the road, providing maximum speed and efficiency.

Design and Construction

Frame and Fork

The heart of the Merida Scultura Rim 400 lies in its advanced carbon frame and fork. The frame is constructed using a blend of high-quality carbon fibers, meticulously layered and bonded to create a strong and lightweight structure. This results in enhanced power transfer and responsiveness, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the road. The carbon fork complements the frame, providing precise steering and excellent vibration damping.

Geometry and Aerodynamics

The geometry of the Scultura Rim 400 strikes a perfect balance between aggressive racing positioning and all-day comfort. The frame’s design ensures an aerodynamic advantage, reducing drag and maximizing efficiency. The bike’s slender tubing profiles, tapered head tube, and integrated seat clamp contribute to its sleek and wind-cheating silhouette.

Weight Optimization

Weight optimization is crucial in road cycling, and the Merida Scultura Rim 400 excels in this aspect. By utilizing advanced carbon layup techniques and carefully selecting lightweight components, Merida has achieved an impressively low weight for this bike. The reduced weight enhances acceleration, climbing

ability, and overall agility, allowing you to conquer even the steepest ascents with ease.

Components and Features

The Merida Scultura Rim 400 is equipped with top-of-the-line components and features that enhance its performance and reliability.

Drivetrain and Shifters

The bike features a precision-engineered Shimano 105 drivetrain, providing smooth and reliable gear shifting across its wide range of 22 speeds. The Shimano 105 shifters offer crisp and precise shifting, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to changing terrains and maintain your desired cadence.

Brakes and Wheels

The Scultura Rim 400 is equipped with powerful and responsive Shimano 105 rim brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power in all conditions. These brakes provide excellent modulation, allowing you to maintain control and confidence during high-speed descents.

The bike rolls on a set of lightweight and sturdy alloy wheels, which further contribute to its overall performance. These wheels are designed to offer a perfect balance between stiffness and compliance, providing a responsive and comfortable ride.

Tires and Grip

The Merida Scultura Rim 400 comes with high-performance Continental Ultra Sport tires, offering excellent grip and low rolling resistance. These tires provide optimal traction on both dry and wet surfaces, allowing you to confidently navigate corners and maintain stability at high speeds.

Seat and Handlebars

To enhance rider comfort, the Scultura Rim 400 features a Merida Comp SL saddle that provides ergonomic support during long rides. The bike also comes with a lightweight and aerodynamic handlebar that offers multiple hand positions for optimal comfort and control.

Performance and Ride Quality

The Merida Scultura Rim 400 excels in terms of performance and ride quality, delivering an exhilarating experience on the road.

Efficient Power Transfer

Thanks to its stiff carbon frame and optimized design, the Scultura Rim 400 excels in power transfer. Every pedal stroke is transformed into forward momentum, allowing you to unleash your maximum power output. Whether you’re sprinting towards the finish line or embarking on a long endurance ride, this bike ensures that no power is wasted.

Smooth and Responsive Handling

The combination of the bike’s responsive geometry, carbon fork, and quality components results in precise and agile handling. The Scultura Rim 400 responds quickly to steering inputs, allowing you to navigate tight corners and weave through traffic with ease. Its nimble nature instills confidence, making it a joy to ride in various conditions.

Comfort and Stability

Despite its performance-oriented design, the Merida Scultura Rim 400 doesn’t compromise on comfort. The carbon frame and fork effectively absorb road vibrations, reducing fatigue during long rides. The bike’s geometry strikes a balance between aggressive positioning and comfort, allowing you to maintain an aerodynamic posture without sacrificing ride quality.

Pros and Cons of the Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022)


  • Lightweight carbon frame and fork for enhanced performance
  • Aerodynamic design for reduced drag and increased efficiency
  • Precise and reliable Shimano 105 drivetrain and shifters
  • Powerful Shimano 105 rim brakes for confident stopping power
  • High-performance Continental Ultra Sport tires for excellent grip
  • Comfortable saddle and ergonomic handlebar for long-distance rides


  • The aggressive geometry may not suit riders seeking a more relaxed riding position
  • Limited color options available


In conclusion, the Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022) is a superb road bike that offers a winning combination of speed, agility, and comfort. Its advanced carbon construction, aerodynamic design, and top-quality components make it a standout choice for both competitive cyclists and dedicated enthusiasts. With the Scultura Rim 400, you can elevate your riding

experience to new heights, pushing your limits and achieving your cycling goals with confidence.

The Scultura Rim 400’s lightweight carbon frame and fork provide the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance, allowing for efficient power transfer and a responsive ride. Its aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance, helping you slice through the air effortlessly and maintain higher speeds for longer durations. The Shimano 105 drivetrain and shifters ensure smooth and precise gear changes, enabling you to adapt to varying terrains and optimize your pedaling efficiency.

When it comes to braking, the Shimano 105 rim brakes deliver reliable stopping power, instilling a sense of security during fast descents or sudden stops. The alloy wheels, known for their durability and lightness, contribute to the bike’s overall performance by striking a balance between rigidity and comfort. Paired with the Continental Ultra Sport tires, renowned for their exceptional grip and low rolling resistance, you can confidently tackle both wet and dry road conditions.

Comfort is a priority with the Scultura Rim 400. The Merida Comp SL saddle provides ergonomic support, reducing pressure points and allowing for extended rides without discomfort. The aerodynamic handlebars offer multiple hand positions, ensuring a relaxed grip and minimizing fatigue on longer journeys.

When you take the Scultura Rim 400 for a spin, its impressive performance becomes evident. The bike’s stiffness and optimized geometry translate into efficient power transfer, amplifying each pedal stroke and propelling you forward with minimal energy loss. Its responsive handling allows for quick maneuvering and confident cornering, making it a joy to navigate winding roads or take on challenging routes. Despite its performance-oriented nature, the Scultura Rim 400 maintains a level of comfort and stability, thanks to its carbon construction that absorbs road vibrations and promotes a smoother ride.

As with any product, the Merida Scultura Rim 400 has its pros and cons. Its lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and high-quality components are definite advantages that enhance your riding experience. However, the bike’s aggressive geometry may not suit riders who prefer a more relaxed position, and the color options may be limited for those seeking a specific aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Merida Scultura Rim 400 (2022) is a stellar choice for cyclists who prioritize speed, performance, and comfort. Its exceptional design, components, and ride quality make it a versatile road bike that can excel in various situations, whether you’re participating in races, embarking on endurance rides, or simply enjoying the thrill of cycling. With the Scultura Rim 400, you can elevate your cycling journey and embrace the exhilaration that comes with pushing your boundaries.


  1. Is the Merida Scultura Rim 400 suitable for beginners?
    • While the Scultura Rim 400 is a high-performance road bike, it can also be suitable for beginners who are passionate about cycling. However, it’s important for beginners to adjust to its responsive handling and aggressive geometry gradually.
  2. Can the Merida Scultura Rim 400 handle rough terrains?
    • The Scultura Rim 400 is primarily designed for road cycling and performs best on smooth surfaces. It may not be suitable for extremely rough terrains or off-road trails.
  3. Is the bike available in different sizes?
    • Yes, the Merida Scultura Rim 400 is available in multiple sizes to accommodate riders of various heights and body types. It’s recommended to consult with a professional bike fitter to determine the correct size for your needs.
  4. How does the Merida Scultura Rim 400 compare to its competitors?
    • The Scultura Rim 400 stands out with its lightweight carbon frame, aerodynamic design, and high-quality components.

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