World premiere of the new BMW M2

BMW M’s 50th anniversary continues in the form of the world premiere of the second generation BMW M2. As you know, BMW M turns 50 this year and their celebrations continue. Last summer, a camouflaged BMW M2 was shown during its final testing . Now the second generation of the compact sports car BMW M2 … Read more

Now Polestar 3 is here

Now Polestar’s first SUV has finally been launched in the form of the new Polestar 3. It has dual electric motors that deliver a total of 360 kW and a battery of 111 kWh. After months of various revelations about the model, the Polestar 3 has finally been launched. According to Polestar , Scandinavian minimalism … Read more

Here is the most popular car color

The Swedish Transport Agency has revealed which is the most popular car color among the Swedish people. The trend is clear – the number of colorful cars is decreasing, and the neutral colors are increasing. The color of one’s car can be part of one’s identity, or it may just be a color. But what … Read more

Premiere of the Mercedes EQE SUV

It is the fourth model on the Mercedes electric car platform: the Mercedes EQE SUV. The electric SUV comes in three different designs, and has a range of up to 59 miles. Last fall, the electric E-Class was launched in the form of the Mercedes EQE. Now the German automaker has introduced the fourth model … Read more

Ronnie Peterson’s Mercedes is for sale

It is rare for any vehicle that has belonged to Ronnie Peterson to be sold. Now a Mercedes that once belonged to the Swede is for sale at an auction company. Some time ago Bytbil told about a Formula 3 car that has belonged to Ronnie Peterson . It is quite unusual for some vehicles … Read more

Renault presents electric Renault 4

The immensely popular Renault 4 model has finally been revived, but as an electric car. The motor show in Paris is in full swing and of course the French car manufacturer Renault has a couple of news. Last year it was reported that the Renault 4 would be revived as an electric car . Now … Read more

Powerful sporty BMW

It is the performance version of the BMW 4 Series. The car has a straight six of 510 horsepower and can do 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Now it can be yours. Lindhill AB has a BMW M4 Competition sold in Sweden . It is a 2021 model and has driven 667 miles. Under the … Read more

Low mileage powerful red Ferrari

It has a twin-turbo V8 engine that generates 670 horsepower. Now a low mileage Ferrari 488 Spider can be yours. At VIP on 4 Wheels there is a Ferrari 488 Spider sold in Sweden. It is a 2019 model year and has driven 275 miles. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 engine that … Read more